Meaning Behind Organic Harvest Month

Were you aware that September is known as ‘Organic Harvest Month?’ September is the perfect month for learning how to grow organic food.

The Organic Trade Association chose September for ‘Organic Harvest Month’ back in 1992. A variety of businesses and community gardens will host special events during the month in honor of Organic Harvest Month.

‘What exactly is Organic Harvest Month?’ you may ask. First, we should determine the meaning of the word ‘organic.’ I’ll give you an overview of what organic really means and the effect it could have on you if you grew your own organic crops.

Keep reading, and you may just find yourself digging out an organic garden of your own! Cook’s County Restaurant is the right place to learn more about things like this.

What is ‘Organic?’

In this article, I’m referring to organic produce. Organic basically means fruits and vegetables that are grown without outside assistance. You plant them yourself, tend to them yourself, and harvest them yourself.

Organic crops must be grown in the soil without the use of any form of chemical to aid their growth. You can’t even use pesticide on organic crops as that will taint them. (Natural pesticides are okay)

In essence, organically grown crops use nothing but natural products. Anything human-made should be avoided. Gene splicing to produce stronger plants, known as GMOs, are also not allowed.

Why You Should Use or Grow Organic Crops

Organic fruits and vegetables are the most delicious forms of crops you’ll ever encounter. While chemically grown crops may turn out bigger, organic ones have more juices and nutrients in them.

Organically grown crops have been grown on a farm that has no artificial pesticides or anything else that could impact your health. Using them reduces the risk you take of getting sick from the very healthy foods you eat.

Synthetic pesticides placed on regular crops have been known to cause many horrible diseases, such as asthma, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even cancer. Avoiding these at all cost benefits your health and the health of those you care about.

Growing Your Own Organic Crops

The most effective method for ensuring your fruits and vegetables are organically grown is to grow them yourself. There are a variety of methods for growing organic crops. Some of the best methods involve using one of the following:

  • Backyard Composting
  • The Garden Tower
  • A Hydroponic System

Any of these three methods can be used to improve the growth of your crops naturally, without the need for artificial products. Doing so ensures you get healthy, organic food as well as saves you a decent amount of money. Instead of spending the high price of organic products these days, you can just go outside and grab what you need!


While September may have passed, you can still take the time to learn and grow organic crops. Even outside September, any organic farmer would be more than happy to teach you a thing or two about staying healthy.

Stop buying processed foods that may or may not make you sick in time and live life the way we were always meant to; organically!


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