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At the end of October 2005, it was the beginning of cooking blogs, I was already reading about ten of them, and then one day in front of my computer I thought to myself and why not me too. Passionate about cooking, I had already created a website, not practical to update or layout so the idea of the blog came to me, to share my recipes with my family, my friends and then those who would arrive in my little kitchen through the Internet.
Little by little my blog has become less and less Anonyme, but I have kept the same passion and desire since the beginning to share my recipes, the ones that delight us every day.

Where I live
In the immediate suburbs of Bordeaux, in the middle of greenery and market gardeners’ fields. I don’t like living in the city; I need space, a garden, to be quiet and not have to make a slot or go around the neighbourhood fifteen times to find a parking space! Especially since where I am I am I am lucky to have all the local shops I need on a daily basis: I buy my vegetables from a market gardener a few minutes walk from home, I have an excellent butcher a few minutes by car, just like a Picard shop! I would only miss a superb pastry chef to be perfect because this is a bit of a disaster… so much the better for my figure!

A few things about me…
I love cookbooks; I have them everywhere hanging around my house to my darling’s great misfortune. As the culinary edition is more than flourishing and there are always new books that I like, I buy some regularly and there I have just transformed during the holidays the guest room into a real gourmet library. I love this room now!
And the contradiction with that is that I am unable to make a recipe from a cookbook to the letter. I’m still missing an ingredient; I want a variant, I simplify the steps. In the end, I start from one idea to always make another.
I am hyper-organized, which allows me to carry out all my activities, both professional and personal, as well as the blog and the culinary projects I work on. I have to do lists everywhere… and I respect them! Also read more about me at

Where and how to meet me…
Mom who works with a 2-year-old boy, my week is punctuated by a home/nanny/work trips. With a rhythm like this you can find me on the road at work and out, taped to my iPad at lunchtime at Charlie & Tom’s, a nice salad bar in the Ravezie district, or at Eurasia’s to do some shopping in Bordeaux Lac, or on the little paths of the Eysines market gardeners in the evening to say hello to the neighbour’s horse and hens before preparing the meal and sharing it with the family. Otherwise, it went out to the park on Saturday morning! And since he loves animals, we give the leftover hard bread to the pigs in the Parc Bordelais. On Sunday mornings, we go with our families to the Eysines market; I love it, I find everything to cook delicious recipes, as many vegetables from local market gardeners as good fish and seasonal fruits. Otherwise, on my blog, it’s the easiest way to find me!

What do you want to bring with your blog?
I don’t know; nothing is “calculated.” I share my current recipes, the ones we tasted a few days earlier, my discoveries. Everyone takes what they want to make, what they want to share, what they want to test. However, I want to show that it is not complicated to cook, that even if we are not chefs, that we do not have much time to prepare, nor enormous resources, we can succeed in cooking delicious dishes.

What makes your blog different from others in the same theme?
It’s not easy to talk about me; all blogs are unique. I’m just trying to share with my readers my daily recipes, both the quick recipes of weekday evenings, as well as those where I take a little more time to make them on weekends than all the little gourmet things I discover over the days. I try to show that with some essential ingredients that we all have, a little imagination, a short time and a lot of delicacies we can cook nice and good things to delight our loved ones.

Your favourite dish to cook? What about the one you never want to prepare?
Ouch, I don’t like to cook the same dishes several times in a row….. But right now, I’m enjoying preparing meatballs with different textures and flavours, it’s super fun, very greedy and adaptable with what you have in your cupboards. I love it! I love it! For the dishes I don’t like to prepare, there are all those who ask for the example to gut a fish or a chicken. This kind of thing I leave to my fish


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